My 7th UX Week ending 10/15/17

What can I say, this whole experience has been a whirlwind this semester and I’ve loved it, but it will be nice to have a small mental break.  New job + new grad program has been tough, especially to work in an exercise regimen in there! 🙂  Because I realized there are so many great resources, I went back and made sure I saved various links for reference.  I’d just used them for the week we worked on that area and never saved them.

Personas were a difficult one for me again this week.  I’ve always taken that area a bit for granted and it’s an area I need to focus on with regards to the fundamentals.

Now on to the next class…UXD 60002.  Have to figure that out how that works since it looks like I got dropped from the class and didn’t realize it.  Thanks again for a great intro class to the area that someday I will work in…  maybe as a UX Designer and/or Researcher for World of Warcraft!!!!!!  Who knows.  What I love about schooling, there are so many opportunities/possibilities.  Cheers!

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