My 6th UX Week ending 10/08/17

Typography was a completely new subject.  The only time I ever approached typography was through a calligraphy class in an afterschool program in 2nd grade and in Shop Class in junior high school.  So I know many of the different lettering types and how to write them.  =)

This assignment to create a type system was yet another new topic.  Over the course of the week, I paid more attention to the signs and texts and fonts and choice/application of fonts around me.  It has been a new discovery and not something that I can “un-see” or “un-notice” now that I know the basics.

Pins are as interesting as ever.  Probably one of the best parts about this class.  Although it is risky because it depends on how much involvement your students want to make towards these pins.  I’m somewhat sad this class is drawing to an end…

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