My 2nd UX Week ending 9/10/17

Of note, 2 things stuck out from this week.

Again, I found the pins of users/persona/generations interesting because essentially, this is who we are gearing most of our usability towards.  So if we understand at a high level, what motivates each generation, we can better design our sites.   I followed the infographic to the USC site that really explained it more.  (The Psychology of Successfully Marketing to Millennials and how they compare to other generations).  For example, we wouldn’t design an AARP site from the perspective of the iGeneration or a Millennial.  While on a surface level, that sounds obvious, I’ve not really seen a comparison of a breakdown of generations.

The other topic came from the reading:

  1. Feedforward (information that helps answer questions of execution/doing; accomplished through appropriate use of signifiers, constraints, and mappings) vs Feedback (information that aids in understand what has happened)
    • I’ve never heard of “feedforward”.
  2. the idea of Prospective Memory/Memory for the Future (Phase 1: task of remembering to do some activity at a future time; Phase 2: planning abilities of imagining future scenarios)

Other things I learned this week:  I learned from another person’s post on +/- design that the next generation past Millennials are called the iGeneration.  Also, an example in chapter 3 (Memory is Knowledge in the Head) of Design of Everyday Things,  Simsim means “sesame” in Persian.  So the secret phrase in Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves”  was “Open Simsim”.  I thought that was cool.


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