My 1st UX Week ending 9/3/17

This first week, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  While I had taken online courses in the past, this was different as this class is beginning a course of study that I am passionate about.  In addition, just the week before, I had started a new job.  New studies – New job.

I really like how the course is set up in that deadlines and expectations are clearly laid out for me.  The material is a great general overview of material and the exercises are designed to have us get to know our classmates.  I like that.  My new job is one in which there are many remote employees, and I am having to “connect” and work together without ever having met them in person.  So the online introductions is an example of a very much real-world situation for me.

I like Ted Talks having been a part of the learning material.  I listened to about 3 other similar talks because I found Tony Fadell’s talk so interesting.  I also liked the Pinterest exercise.  While I confess that initially I had thought it a silly exercise, I soon realized how valuable it was.  Pinterest is not a resource I would ever have thought of for UX.  There is so much interesting information out there.  This week I got caught up in Color Theory (color psychology in logo designs and color meaning/psychology by different cultures & religions around the world).  There were also different infographics that were good, particularly the one detailing the roles of UX Designer vs Web Designer.  I struggled at the differentiation and now I do not.  Good thing because work can take advantage of your skillset and set expectations on your role and if you don’t know what your role definition is, you can easily be taken advantage of.

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