My 4th UX Week ending 9/24/17

I read this week and while I enjoyed the reading, in retrospect, I can’t say I recall much of it.  I enjoyed the Pinterest exercise and really do love the plethora of new resources that other students’ pins give me.  They are almost like a “support/advice” group where I am exposed to more information than I ever could be via a report or lecture from a professor.

This week’s exercise was tough for me because I started creating a system and annotating a workflow without showing a lo-res wireframe was challenging. I sketched out a hybrid of workflow and page requirements/functionality.  🙂 It would be easier/cleaner to read if I could just use tooling.  Anyway, still a good process.  I was surprised at the number of assumptions and requirements that I kept coming up with even when I thought I was done.

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